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Sunday, August 23rd, 2015

Pinkie and Blackie: Tales of a Phone Sex Submissive

I’ve taken the best of my Bound Posts and put them into an ebook, Pinkie and Blackie: Tales of a Phone Sex Submissive, which is now only available at Amazon!


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Saturday, November 19th, 2011

Badges, We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Badges — But Pinkie Does!

I found these BDSM badges over at Sex Kitten.

At first I was a little disappointed not to see a set of standards for earning them, but then I thought, what a great way to let you use Pinkie.

It’s contest time!

Pick a badge you want Pinkie to earn, write a list of tasks, requirements, and so on for Pinkie to earn it. Impress us, and we’ll give you free use of Pinkie. You can win free minutes of phone sex, a discounted call (just $1 a minute), a free 500 word confession about the badge requirements, a free 500 word custom story — lots of ideas and things to win. Every entry wins something.

The grand prize is 24 hours use of Pinkie in which you can send her tasks, deny orgasms, etc. and have her report to you on time via email, messages, chat, etc. She’ll be at your complete use for a full 24 hours. (Subject to scheduling, of course.)

Choose from Medical Play, Spanking, Needle Play, Domestic Service, Voyeurism, Fisting, Shibari, Gags, Caning, Shoe Shine, Violet Wand, Wax Play, High Heel Worship, Bondage, Breath Control, Collared, 24/7, Flogging, and/or Deep Throat. (Cross Dressing isn’t of any interest, is it?)

Got another idea for a badge? Forced Lactation, Tit Torture, Humiliation? Send your ideas and requirements on in!

Submit your entries in any of the following ways:

A comment
A message at NiteFlirt
An email to — put “Badges” in the subject line so we don’t mistake your entry as spam.

Yes, you can enter multiple times. We don’t care how often, how hard, you use her.

Entries taken through the end of the year — because Pinkie should be a present.

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Wednesday, November 16th, 2011

Bondage Tights

I was over at A Slip Of A Girl (adding things to my holiday list) where I spotted these Bondage Tights from Wolford. The conversation there, and at Klaudia’s blog, centers around the heavy weight of the tights versus the lighter-weight thigh-high version by Oroblu. My first thought was then to “wish” for the stockings, but then Blackie, who normally prefers stockings, interceded, saying, “I think the heavy weight of the tights would be far more fun to test with the crop.” So, I think there might just be a pair of the Wolford Bondage Tights under my tree this year *wink*

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Friday, August 26th, 2011

Strike The Right Keys

Piano lessons with Sweet Lilya have me dreaming of “clapping” along to the beat on their bare behinds.


Thursday, June 16th, 2011

Protected: A Homecoming For Three (Which Doesn’t End Well For Me!)

This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:

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Monday, April 4th, 2011

Every Rose Has Its Thorns…

Or at least some sting! Like this Leather Red Rose Bud Crop with 2 feet of romantic sting! How about having a dozen of these roses delivered? *wink*

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Friday, March 11th, 2011

Spanking Confessions

From a call with a first time phone Master — shared not only with his permission, but at his request.

“Where do you hate to be spanked or hit, love? — Be honest, now,” he commands.

(I love that he calls me love… It’s warm, and cozy, and sweet — and you only hurt the ones you love, right?)

“You mean where on my body?”

“No, not body parts, love; where. Do you like it less to be standing, your arms tied over your head, kneeling over a footstool, or where?”


“Honestly,” he says, that note in his voice warns me just how near a growl he is…

“I dislike it most when I must present myself, place myself, over a man’s knee,” I say, the heat of blushing full in my cheeks.


“B-because it’s personal — too personal.”

“Standing naked and being whipped isn’t personal?”

“Not as much so… At least not usually.”

“Isn’t feeling like any old piece of meat humiliating?”

“Yes… But in most cases, I can more easily disconnect myself from the physical pain because I am just any old piece of meat to be used like that.”

“But over a man’s knee…?”

“Over a man’s knee I cannot hide.”

“It’s more intimate,” he states.

“Too intimate,” I agree.

“He can see your wet slit between those reddening mounds of flesh, hmm?”



“Yes!” I blurt, frightened into a response.

“And you will be wet, won’t you.”

“Yes,” I confess, hearing myself sounding miserable.

“Why do you get so wet, love.” He didn’t ask; he knows why. He’s commanding me to confess — and he’ll know if I lie.

“Because it hurts — not just physically, but it hurts to be so, so — so insignificant, like a child. I must just take it.”

“Do you cry, love?”

“Yes,” I whisper.

“Tears of…?”

“Pain, humiliation, fear, frustration… embarrassment…”

“And do you cry when you are whipped standing nude on display?”


A pause. Then he says, “‘Yes’ what?”

“When I’m standing like that, or bent over a stool or whatever, you can’t see it — can’t see that I’m crying.”


I sigh before I plunge in and confess completely. “When I’m over your knee, you may not see that I’m crying, but you’ll hear it — you’ll feel my breathing. …And you’ll feel my tears on your legs…”

“So slippery it must be… Your crying eyes, your weeping cunt…”

“Yes,” I say, humiliated at his knowing.

“And are you wet now, love?”

I can barely breath the answer… “Yes…”

“Where? Are little tears in your eyes?”

“Yes,” I sigh.

“So hard to confess, little one, yes?”

I nod the answer — then remember he can’t see this on the phone and blurt out an anguished “Yes!”

“And your slit? Is it wet?”

“Yes, I admit it,” I wail — my cheeks burning again.

“Well, now, let’s not waste that. Get the paddle, then spread your legs…”

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Monday, March 7th, 2011

An Investment In Spanking

This doesn’t really fit our color shopping rules of pink and black, but this Betony Vernon Spanking Paddle is too stunning not to share — and it “wood” make my ass nice and pink! (Via Storybook Whorehouse.)

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Saturday, August 14th, 2010

Protected: The Making Of A Pain Slut

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Wednesday, July 28th, 2010

Tit Play & Forced Orgasm Video

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  • Pinkie and Blackie…
    The colors of our love... Not just our shopping, but the colors that I as a pain slut prefer to wear...

    I am not called Pinkie because my coloring is naturally pink -- but I am naturally a pain slut, and love to be made pink from spankings & other physical abuse. Blackie likes to push those limits, give punishments which leave marks, welts, and, sometimes, cuts... Blackie also thrills to make me flush pink with shame, humiliation and arousal.

    He was called Blackie long before I met him.

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