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Friday, April 19th, 2013

Seven Days Of Edging

For the past seven days I have been under the special command of Master Member Rogue. This meant no masturbation, or orgasm,

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Tuesday, January 10th, 2012

A Modern Day Chastity Device

For dirty little girls who can’t control themselves. Keep the toys under lock & key, apply them when you want. Via.

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Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011

Dear Pinkie

I like it best when you cry from the hatred, the tears of anguish rolling down your face as I disgrace and use you — that you are bound to me, forever in my service, not because you want to be but because you’ve been given to me.

The scorn that rises, the desperation, the fear and loathing that stream down your face in wet, wet streaks that I mock knowingly. And mercilessly.

I love how none of it melts away in your physical acceptance to your duty, to your punishments, to your tasks. How your hot anger brightly burns — with the heat of injustice and pride! Useless sentiments, other than how they fan the flames of my desire to further humiliate, hurt, use against your will.

It’s all right there, on your face. In the set of your shoulders, your chin.

The fire in your eyes that makes your eyes sparkle — no matter how wet your eyes get, the tears do not put out that fire. I know; I’ve tested it. But you detest me more — and so the back and forth of the testing continues! How it all tempts me… The clenched jaw juts with pride — as appealing as the jut of your breasts. The haughty air, as ripe for the plucking as that asshole is for fucking.

Even right now, as I sit three feet away from you, days into your no orgasm rule, naked with clothespins on your nipples, sleep deprived, sloppily typing and correcting your tasks for me… That palpable resentment… Your loathing of me as heavy in the air as the smell of your wet cunt.

A cunt I could take at any moment. A cunt that would welcome me, would welcome anything after the hours, the days, of arousal and pain — a cunt that would betray you — and quickly — with an orgasm.

You know it. And I know it.

How that knowledge makes you hate yourself.

How that knowledge makes you hate me even more.

Yet it’s that hate that makes me want to fuck you, fuck with your mind and your body, all the more.

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Wednesday, September 1st, 2010

Protected: Blackie Is A Terrible Romantic

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Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

Little Things Demean A Lot: Sucking Him Off While He Reads The Paper

Sucking his cock while he reads the paper or watches television is so demeaning…

It’s like you’re just a tool carrying out some perfunctory task, an everyday appliance doing an everyday boring routine thing that simply must be done.

What I do may be pleasurable, but I won’t be looked at, let alone given a smile for a job well done. Hell, even his hand gets looked at every now and then when he masturbates, but while I service him like this, I might as well be the coffee pot or the radio.

Like those appliances, I’ll only be noticed when I’m not working right — and then I’d probably get the old horizontal-slap or a kick too.

PS This photo isn’t of me. I don’t even know where it came from; if you do, let me know so I can properly credit it!

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Saturday, August 14th, 2010

Protected: The Making Of A Pain Slut

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Saturday, May 15th, 2010

Member Master Confessions: Exploiting Resentment, Forcing Service, & Denied Orgasms

Member Master D.D. Tom has ordered this confession, in case others would like to learn a thing or two to exploit.

D.D. Tom likes to play with my tolerance levels. He likes to provide detailed descriptions of how I shall spend my days — and nights. He’ll control and limit my sleep; decide what, when, and if I’ll eat; make to-do lists of chores and corporal punishments — and masturbation sessions.

But D.D. Tom refuses to allow me to orgasm.

He likes me frustrated, tired, and more than a bit angry. He doesn’t mind my anger any more than he minds my exhaustion — in fact, he loves both. Does his best to bring it out in me.

He wants me to hate serving him, hate my helpless position doing what he says because I am bound to Blackie’s terms of service.

He combines the control of basic necessities with forms of mind control — trying to make me adopt ideas and ideals intolerable to me.

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Friday, June 12th, 2009

Protected: How Some Masters Use Me In Messages

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Friday, May 8th, 2009

May Is Masturbation Month (And So Far I Hate It)

May may be Masturbation Month — a celebration of sexuality & self-love — but the way it’s being done here, I loath it.

Along with being humiliatingly forced to watch Blackie masturbate, I’ve been forbidden to masturbate. At first my sore breasts kept me from even thinking about it, but now…

And, as usual, Blackie has found new & cruel ways to exploit what I’m calling my Blue Ovaries.

After having been forced to watch Blackie masturbate as he humiliated me (one of several times that day), I was told to strip and then he cuffed me to a desk chair, tied each ankle to a part of the chair’s base (so that my legs were spread), wheeled out into the living room and made to watch porn — porn that I love — with him.

That would have been bad enough, but Blackie had to add his own painful, humiliating twists…

First he mocked me, talking about what scenes he knew I loved — where I’d be masturbating and how. He even came up and looked between my spread legs, commenting on the glistening evidence of my slutty shame.

When he grew sleepy, about 30 minutes later, he got up off the couch, switched off the porn, and placed a rope with a cowbell on it around my neck.

“Now, I’m going to bed — but I can’t trust that you’ll behave yourself…” he said as he bent and — for the first time in a week! — he fingered my wet slit. “Not this wet, I can’t, cunt,” he continued. “So, I”m leaving you here where you can’t break any rules — but don’t worry, I’m leaving you this bell. When you have to pee, you wake me.”

He stopped for a minute, had me suck his finger clean of my pussy juices, then continued.

“But I wouldn’t be too eager to wake me, if I were you… It might put me in a foul mood to be disturbed just for your stupid needs. You wouldn’t want that, would you?” he asked.

I shook my head.

“Then again, I might not hear the bell right away, so don’t wait too long to use it either,” he said with a wicked laugh. Then he headed for bed, leaving me sitting in the dark, horny as hell — with a cowbell around my neck.

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