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Friday, March 11th, 2011

A Confession A Day (Number Two)

Continuing to obey the command that I confess five things I’m afraid of

Today’s confession is regarding a physical fear. Ever since Marc — with a gleam in his eye — showed me this photo from Sex and Submission, I’ve been worried that I’ll have to carry out his fantasy.

I don’t want that hook in my ass. I know it’s not so pointy as to pierce or cut… (It isn’t right?) But it looks like something you’d find a dead cow on in a butcher’s shop or slaughterhouse. *shiver*

What a message that you are just meat.

And to have it tied to your hair, Marc using it as leverage or to steady himself — or just for his thrills, while fucking me… It’s too much, really.

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Saturday, November 6th, 2010

Ottoman Selection Is Important

As a domestic submissive, one of my duties is to make sure the home is warm and inviting to those who live here as well as the guests we entertain — and by that, I mean it offers as many invitations to using me as possible.

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Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

Abusing Bound Breasts

While there is, I am told, quite the delight in cropping, canning, slapping bound breasts and watching them bounce, I can tell you that there is worse…

Having your bound, swollen, hard boobs placed on another surface and given rousing smacks convinces you that they will, indeed, burst.

Blackie and Marc like to enjoy the best of both worlds. First they’ll have me stand and enjoy them bare and bouncing from the hits they take. Then they’ll bound them tight and watch their limited bouncing. And then they’ll have me kneel, placing my bound breasts tits on another surface to continue their abuse. This allows them to hold me by my hair and control my head too…

When they tire of that — or at last when they realize they must release my breasts from the ropes or risk permanent damage, they will untie the ropes and sit on the bed.

I then must lube up their cocks and give them my sore, red, swollen, aching tits to fuck.

There hasn’t been a time that the grip of their hands tightly wrapping my breasts around their cocks hasn’t brought me to tears… Their fingers always managing to anchor themselves to the most sensitive parts… The thrusting of their hard dicks ravages the tender abused sides of my breasts… Blackie says I cry so much, my tears could be the lube!

(If only one of them is present, they are gentlemen who take turns fucking my tits — which greatly lengthens my suffering.)

There are many variations, of course; the devices used to whip my breasts, the addition of clamps and clothespins for my nipples, etc. …Their delight is only limited by their imaginations and passions (which are limitless), and the amount of abuse the human body can take before permanent damage occurs.

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Friday, July 23rd, 2010


Gags are great for public use, when you need to minimize (at least some of the) noise.

Image via Curves n Lights.

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Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

The Beauty Troubles Of A Sexual Lipstick Submissive

Marc often complains that I’m “a high maintenance little bitch” — usually when Blackie buys me something pretty and girlie. Which could be a whole other conversation just because the relationship I have with Blackie is completely different than the one I have with Marc; but still, Marc has a point…

When Blackie pampers me, his motivation isn’t just because I’m his loving wife; it’s because that’s the kind of submissive sex slave he wants.

He prefers to have me made-up, feminine, and lovely — and not only because that’s the kind of girlie girl he fell in love with and married either. He not enjoys my girlie lingerie, stockings, shoes etc. for a simple aesthetic, but for their fetish value. So Blackie insists upon such frilly accoutrement, in my status as what I call a “lipstick submissive.”

Perhaps this is also because he is in his late 40s, and, therefore, his recollections of porn and fetish materials have to do with the classic trappings of femininity…

Marc, on the other hand, enjoys debasing my beauty. He prefers me to present myself completely nude. The thrill he feels when he can destroy my made-up face with tears and drool is palpable. Which means that after Marc uses me, I must shower, dress, and apply makeup before I can present myself to Blackie again — even if it’s just to drive home and go to sleep at 6 AM.

(Do not mistake any of this for any less use of me, or kinder use of me, by Blackie; we are simply talking about appearances here.)

It may be just because Marc enjoys “taking the bitch down a few notches” — something I won’t deny, as I have too much proof of it! — but I also feel there’s something else which motivates his desires to have me nude, streaked in makeup, dirty, and animalistic…

Marc, being close to my age (we are both in our 20s), has gown up with a different image or standard. For simplicity sake, I call it more “graphic” and extreme. Marc says it’s simply more realistic.

I think it’s different ideals of beauty and sexual attractiveness based on the age difference of their masturbation materials.

My only real proof that this difference in fantasy images is based on the decades of difference in their sexual materials history is that of pubic hair.

Blackie, who grew up seeing plenty of bush, prefers my pussy in its more natural state. Trimmed, of course; but he likes a dark bush he can see — and tug or otherwise use to torture me. Marc, on the other hand, wants me as bald as a baby — and that, in fact, is a real problem around here.

Blackie finds a completely hair-free pubis to be too much like that of an immature human child — and as such, a complete turn-off.

Marc finds the hair equally unappealing — except for the fact that I too am a product of this age of non-hairiness, so I would prefer to be waxed smooth (or with a tiny strip or something), and so Marc humiliates me for my “gross hairiness.”

Of course I really have nothing to say about it. So when Marc shaves me, or, his favorite, punishes me with a cruel waxing to remove my pubic hair, Blackie wants nothing to do with my cunt.

Currently, I believe this only adds to Marc’s delight; he knows how a lack of being fucked — especially by Blackie — hurts & frustrates me.

Like I said, I have no control over this situation. I suffer the consequences of this battle over the hairless smoothness vs. the natural hairiness of my pussy. And one way or another I am yanked about by the proverbial short-hairs. But I really wish they could come to a consensus about my appearance.

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Tuesday, June 9th, 2009


Carmella Bing gets her big tits manhandled…


And then she gets fucked while laying on her side — when Blackie fucks me in this position, it feels like he’s got a baseball bat in my pussy, so I understand her discomfort.


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Wednesday, May 20th, 2009

Protected: Not Just Any Furious; Bitch Wife Furious

This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:

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Friday, April 24th, 2009

Bound, Held By Hair, And Fucked


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