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Monday, June 18th, 2012

Where’s The Slut, Pinkie?

For those of you who have missed our little Pinkie, I wanted to give you a little update…

She’s been away for months, enduring the best she can; these hentai images offer some clues! She’ll be back soon, sharing the details…

Images via.

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Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011

Milking The Holiday List

No, I’m not asking you for things *wink* I’m here to give you a quick list of recommended items to buy the milking or lactation fan on your holiday list!

For those who are satisfied (or limited to) the voyeuristic thrills of milking maids, there are two hot films…

Busty Lactations is a best of compilation DVD; 120 minutes of the “cream” of the crop of scenes and loops from milk squirting, sucking, dripping and spraying films from the 1970s, from the Golden Age of Porn, and the 1980’s, when Blackie was *ahem* a younger man.

The boys liked that one so much, they’ve now put Milk Maid on the list — and guess who gets to earn the money for the DVD? Yup, it’s me.

These films are even making Blackie re-think his usual “it’s too messy” rejection and have him considering making the fantasy a reality. Hence his exhaustive research with this last item on the lactation list: Deluxe Breast Pumping Kit!

While this won’t milk until you’re maid or hucow already has milk coming in, it will deliver pumping results. It has both nipple and breast cylinders — and a t-hose connector which allows you to use both at the same time for double the pumping! So, if she’s making milk, this will pump it out; if she’s not, she’s still going to feel the pumping action.

As if watching the first film didn’t make me squirm enough!

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Saturday, November 19th, 2011

Vintage Lactation Bondage

The Farmer sent these vintage photos in saying, “Why you have to master roping to master the cows in the herd.”

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Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

Coffee, Tea AND Me?

Sent in by The Farmer:

For those who just love the idea of fresh milk for their coffee (or tea), can anything be better than breast milk fresh from the teat? Forced lactation has many merits.

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Thursday, April 28th, 2011

Recipe For Forced Lactation

The Farmer sent this in response to my research about HuCows and forced lactation:

It takes discipline and time to force a milk supply quantities substantial enough to meet our requirements.

In order to get your nipples and areolas tough enough to handle what’s ahead, every time you’re washed, rough loofah sponges will be applied until your areolas are red, puffy and sore. To be certain there are no small scrapes to be infected, rubbing alcohol will be applied. Then oils and lotions will be applied to your udders via vigorous massages.

For the first three days, your udders will also be used every six hours to effectively stimulate hormone levels. Likely this will involve abusive acts of clamping and rough tit fucks by members who delight in talking your freshly abraded sore nipples while you cry.

On day four, your udders will be suckled upon by greedy mouths every four hours for a minimum of 20 minutes. This is in addition to any other activities to stimulate your udders and hormone levels — as well as meeting any other needs we have.

Of course, you’ll have other duties to perform, things to submit to, during this time.

After three weeks, we’ll begin milking those udders with our hands after the 20 minutes of sucking.

By week four, you’ll have some milk coming in — and that’s when we must work on increasing the volume of milk by putting you on the milking machine. For five to ten minutes at the low level every four hours at first, replacing the human sucking and milking (save for community members who want to take milk as they wish). To increase milk production, we’ll then increase the amount of time and level of suction power over time. Along with monitoring your milk production, we’ll be monitoring — and controlling — your whorish cow in estrus breeding need responses.

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