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Monday, October 27th, 2014

Cock Sucking Porn

If you like giving facials, you should watch these pornos. It’s free — and there’s plenty of cock sucking and icing on faces. If you’re into that sort of thing. And we are. So we’re glad Pinkie’s virtual Masters send in such tips for us. Just another (of so many) perks in lending out the whore for your phone sex and chat use.

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Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011

Milking The Holiday List

No, I’m not asking you for things *wink* I’m here to give you a quick list of recommended items to buy the milking or lactation fan on your holiday list!

For those who are satisfied (or limited to) the voyeuristic thrills of milking maids, there are two hot films…

Busty Lactations is a best of compilation DVD; 120 minutes of the “cream” of the crop of scenes and loops from milk squirting, sucking, dripping and spraying films from the 1970s, from the Golden Age of Porn, and the 1980’s, when Blackie was *ahem* a younger man.

The boys liked that one so much, they’ve now put Milk Maid on the list — and guess who gets to earn the money for the DVD? Yup, it’s me.

These films are even making Blackie re-think his usual “it’s too messy” rejection and have him considering making the fantasy a reality. Hence his exhaustive research with this last item on the lactation list: Deluxe Breast Pumping Kit!

While this won’t milk until you’re maid or hucow already has milk coming in, it will deliver pumping results. It has both nipple and breast cylinders — and a t-hose connector which allows you to use both at the same time for double the pumping! So, if she’s making milk, this will pump it out; if she’s not, she’s still going to feel the pumping action.

As if watching the first film didn’t make me squirm enough!

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Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

Film Noir BDSM Photos

Photographer Frederic Fontenoy has an incredible style, fusing film noir, surrealism, a specific clarity, and, I believe, a certain wry humor. His photographs deliciously capture anticipation, leaving you wondering, wanting, worrying about what comes next. …I find myself holding my breath. (Link found via The Pump & Grind.)

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Sunday, May 23rd, 2010

Bitch Forced To Be A Fuck Hole

Marc loves this video of Felony, a woman who likes to be in control, being reduced to a nameless, rightless, fuck hole in an adult video store.

Being taken in public and told what to do, made to take pain and punishment from strangers, and being fucked over & over again has Felony pissed, then horny, then angry again, then finally beaten into submission — as Marc says, “Finally accepting her place.”

I have to say, it’s one of the few films which show realistic gang bang action; there are random painful slaps and pinging, probing fingers from those not content to just watch. For example, when Felony is forced to suck one stranger’s cock — while she’s being fucked from behind — an older man grabs hold of the nipple on Felony’s bouncing tit.

Hey, Felony may be busy, but he wants his too.

…Lots of people in this video store do, apparently.

Even when the main action is over, it’s not the end of Felony’s use. At the end she is stripped of all pretense of control, her own pleasure, and even her identity and is left chained inside a cardboard box with a glory hole to service the random dicks that drop by…

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Wednesday, June 17th, 2009

Playing Favorites: Pink Pussy Pumps

One of the many gifts from “D” was a pink pussy pump. I’ve never used one before. They’ve looked intriguing; but after trying a dual breast & nipple pump gizmo once with completely unsatisfactory results, I wasn’t too keen on anything which promised suction to increase blood flow & arousal. However, “D” knows his sex toys — especially the punishing kind.

Let me tell you, the sweet pink color of this pussy pump belies its intensity. Once that pink plastic see-thru cup is placed over my pink bits and the pump is, well, pumped, the suction begins. (Note: you may have to adjust the placement of the cup a bit to ensure a seal — and, while I’ve never had to do it, the it is suggested that coating the rubber lip with lubes will help create a better seal.)

At first the suction is nice (like the gentle sucking power of a lover’s mouth) but then, with repeated pumps, the suction (like a cruel lover’s mouth) becomes very intense — pulling, puffing & stretching my pink bits, trying to fill up the cup with them. Because the area the plastic cup covers is larger than any mouth I’ve known, the effects of pumping the pussy pump can be quite cruel.

I tried to take some photos of the pussy pump in use, but the position and the pink colored plastic cup made it too difficult — but thanks to Device Bondage, here’s photo illustration:


Not the same pump, & in general, your results may vary, of course; but if that looks unnatural, imagine how it feels?

I don’t have to imagine; I know!

It feels rather like my Master has my pussy parts in his tightly clenched fist yet both his hands are free for other things!

Once the suction cup is removed, my pussy lips and clit are very sensitive. This increased sensitivity inspires Blackie to pinch, pull, clamp and otherwise make the most of my pink bits.

Then again, Blackie might do all his pussy pinching, twisting, pulling and clamping first, then apply the pussy pump. (In those cases, it takes half the number of pumps to have me squirming.)

However, you know that Blackie likes to test limits, and that includes not only my personal limits but the limits of toys. So he wanted to see if the pussy pump would work on my breasts…

Perhaps because my breasts are so large — it does. Of course, the pussy pump cup can only be applied to one breast at a time (over my nipple & areola), but, done well, one is enough *wink*

When the nipple is well-centered in the cup, the sensation from pumping can be quite acute. Just three pumps searingly sends my nipple upwards, nearly touching the top of the cup. That may not sound like much, but those three pumps have me biting my lip from the pain.

So, if you’re looking for a suction toy that doesn’t suck, this would be the one.

Once again, Thank You, “D.”

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Tuesday, June 16th, 2009

How To Keep A Slave In Love & Submissive

What I love about this story at Slaves In Love (titled Her Right) is not just the punishing abuse her Master gives out…


Or that she takes it all while sobbing so hard…


But that he takes short breaks from delivering the abuse to give her reassuring, comforting kisses of love…


It’s just those sorts of kisses which keep a submissive slave craving, trying, submitting.

Of course, there are times, like when he’s taking a rather large dildo to her ass while whipping her behind, that she’ll just have the memory of those kisses to get her through…


Psst, click the text links to see free clips!

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Saturday, June 13th, 2009

Playing Favorites: Nipple Clamps

As I told you, “D” sent me a big box of goodies (or should I say “badies” because they weren’t all nice in the usual sense of the word! *wink*) Anyway, “D” said I should share the further exploits of the contents of the box here at the blog, and he’s been waiting probably longer than he expected to read any of it — but even if I didn’t take my toy talk seriously, Blackie’s extremely dedicated to his use & evaluation of new toys & tools. This is all to say that there’s no “better late than never” attitude in this (or the following) posts, but rather an attitude of giving things their proper attention.

I briefly mentioned (& displayed to members) use of the Japanese Clover Clamps before, so let’s start there.

The first clamps we tried were clothes pins; amazingly wicked things for being so old fashioned, for the porous wood can nearly become one with your tender flesh too quickly — making removal of just the wooden clothes pin tricky. And sometimes Blackie just isn’t in the mood for “delicate removals.”

After that, we tried some alligator nipple clamps (rather expensive vibrating one’s too); but the angled bit doesn’t work well for these big breasts & nipples (the narrow side pops the nipple out the other end faster than Blackie can lose his temper!).

supergrip-spring-clamp-with-padFrustrated, Blackie walked into the local hardware store and bought some cheap plastic spring clamps with flat flexible square grooved “pads” (I say, “pads,” because they are not at all padded), more or less like these. These are about as torturous as clothes pins… They are larger, clamping down on more area (as in “entire smashed nipple”); but the larger size also limits the number of clamps which will fit in one area. However, they can be more quickly (and painfully) removed without taking skin with them. So the cheap plastic spring clamps from the hardware store were the ‘”go to” clamps here for quite some time… Until…

Until “D” sent the Japanese Clover Clamps (with chain!).


These things have a big bite — which Blackie says is only fair with such big tits.

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Monday, May 11th, 2009

Position For Submission

abused-again I’m a sucker for porn with this pose on the box cover.

Actually, I’m moved by this position in general. It’s such a terrifyingly vulnerable position — throat and neck held, gagged, exposed and controlled…

I don’t even have to be naked or so complicatedly bound either; just cuff my hands behind my back, put your hand or arm along my throat and bend me back (an alluring arch helps you, and keeps me off balance), and even if I’m just under a gag order as opposed to a physical gag, I feel as helpless as a kitten.

Panic sets in, my chest heaves, and I fear the worst.

Because of this, I have lots of porn with this position. Especially if it’s by Bondage Barrix.

This past week, in perverse celebration of Masturbation Month, I’ve been forced to watch porn. Yes, I say “forced” because I’m often not allowed to touch myself, let alone masturbate to orgasm. (I’m not saying that I don’t always get to orgasm afterwards, in some manner or other; but 58 minutes of video hotness is a long long time to have to wait to find out.)

The most recent videos I’ve watched are Abused Again & Recruiting A Mistress, both, again, by Bondage Barrix (part of Back Door Bondage) & featuring the malevolently delicious Sgt. Major Derek Viktur.

The two films, as you might expect, are similar; but there are differences.

bondage-barrix-recruting-a-mistressRecruiting A Mistress has the better plot — a Dominatrix is hired, but Sgt. Major takes control and switches her role to that of serving submissive. Who hasn’t thought about taming that sort of a bitch? *wink*

Recruiting A Mistress involves his (typical) smug humor (put to good use putting the professional Dominatrix in her place), plenty of tight face close-ups so you can see the fear and pain in the eyes of the women, lots of bondage & forced orgasms, but is missing his nearly trademarked extremely tight crotchrope (the Sgt Major calls it a “beaver-buster”).

It also has the added plus of some lovely lingerie and stockings, for those who adore such things.

Quite a thoroughly hot bondage romp. (Is that an oxymoron?)

Of the two movies, Abused Again is my favorite — because it makes me the most uncomfortable & afraid.

Like the other, an uppity woman, in this case a jogger who flaunts her tight ass by Sgt. Major’s apartment regularly, is abducted & forced to submit. She’s bound (including plenty of crotch rope positions), stripped, and violated; but in this case, the orgasms are forced not via vibe but by a dildo up her ass and fingers in her pussy.

My fear of my ass being used heightens the terror of such a fantasy for me.

I don’t want to ruin any surprises for anyone, but Abused Again also contains more rough breast play (including weighted nipple clamping), more spanking (what a red ass Amber Rayne gets!), an terrifyingly amazing scene where Amber pops a ball out of her ass, and some intense hot wax play — including removal by knife!


Maybe this film works so well for me because it covers so much as of yet uncharted territory… But whatever, it works.

I almost always enjoy Sgt. Major Derek Viktur and Bondage Barrix films; but am usually met with surprise when I admit such things… I get that the films cater to dominant men (or men with such fantasies) — and naturally I agree these men should be catered to! — but why does it surprise so many that submissive women can’t get enough of these films too?

We’re the Yin to their Yang; without us, what would these men really do?

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