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Monday, October 27th, 2014

When Consent Is Meaningless

As Gracie noted, Jian Ghomeshi’s firing exposes what a lot of us involved in BDSM fear constantly: that our private lives are no longer private things, but things our corporate overlords & others control. Apparently, the 50 Shades phenom only goes so far… Which is why we protect images & info about Pinkie, and don’t allow her to appear in vanilla versions of amateur porn, at all costs. Kudos to those who make porn, but not not our Pinkie.

From Ghomeshi’s Facebook post:

I have been open with the CBC about this since these categorically untrue allegations ramped up. I have never believed it was anyone’s business what I do in my private affairs but I wanted my bosses to be aware that this attempt to smear me was out there. CBC has been part of the team of friends and lawyers assembled to deal with this for months. On Thursday I voluntarily showed evidence that everything I have done has been consensual. I did this in good faith and because I know, as I have always known, that I have nothing to hide. This when the CBC decided to fire me.

CBC execs confirmed that the information provided showed that there was consent. In fact, they later said to me and my team that there is no question in their minds that there has always been consent. They said they

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Monday, October 27th, 2014

Cock Sucking Porn

If you like giving facials, you should watch these pornos. It’s free — and there’s plenty of cock sucking and icing on faces. If you’re into that sort of thing. And we are. So we’re glad Pinkie’s virtual Masters send in such tips for us. Just another (of so many) perks in lending out the whore for your phone sex and chat use.

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Friday, November 2nd, 2012

BDSM Tracks

Violence Against Feminist Cunts, by the Meat Shits (2002) track list:

1 Tenebrae (Woman-Hater Dub-Mix)
2 Violence Against Feminist Cunts
3 Chop Her Up Like Dog Meat
4 Vicious Act Of Machismo
5 Technical Virgin
6 Sexual Cannibalism
7 Impending Sexual Assault
8 Moaning Lisa
9 Dickless
10 Vaginal Torment
11 Womanizer
12 Sodomy Enigma
13 Helpless Female
14 Discipline Continues
15 Flat Chested
16 Found Strangled
17 Beauty Is The Bitch
18 Admit Her Defeat
19 Slurp My Semen
20 Museum Of Abducted Women
21 Asian Cum-Shot (Classical Dub-Mix)
22 Japanese Sodomy
23 The Meat Shits Part II
24 Tenebrae (Argento Dub-Mix)
25 Outro

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Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011

Milking The Holiday List

No, I’m not asking you for things *wink* I’m here to give you a quick list of recommended items to buy the milking or lactation fan on your holiday list!

For those who are satisfied (or limited to) the voyeuristic thrills of milking maids, there are two hot films…

Busty Lactations is a best of compilation DVD; 120 minutes of the “cream” of the crop of scenes and loops from milk squirting, sucking, dripping and spraying films from the 1970s, from the Golden Age of Porn, and the 1980’s, when Blackie was *ahem* a younger man.

The boys liked that one so much, they’ve now put Milk Maid on the list — and guess who gets to earn the money for the DVD? Yup, it’s me.

These films are even making Blackie re-think his usual “it’s too messy” rejection and have him considering making the fantasy a reality. Hence his exhaustive research with this last item on the lactation list: Deluxe Breast Pumping Kit!

While this won’t milk until you’re maid or hucow already has milk coming in, it will deliver pumping results. It has both nipple and breast cylinders — and a t-hose connector which allows you to use both at the same time for double the pumping! So, if she’s making milk, this will pump it out; if she’s not, she’s still going to feel the pumping action.

As if watching the first film didn’t make me squirm enough!

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Tuesday, August 16th, 2011

Panty Talk

A Slip Of A Girl is asking us all to take The Ultimate Panty Survey — your responses to the 41 questions will be anonymous, but the results will be shared at her lingerie blog and with those in the intimates apparel industry, so be honest!

PS If you want to talk about panties even more, Slip Of A Girl now takes calls too!

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Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

Tickle Me Pink?

Just had to share this news about a tickle spa opening in Spain — for all you tickle fetish fans out there. *wink*

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Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

Winning $250 In Bondage Gear & Sex Toys

Sexclectic has a contest to win $250 in sex toys, just for reviewing sex toys. I’ve totally got my eye on Sex Tarts Kit in Watermelon, the Closet Cuff Set — because we left ours in a hotel room *wink* and Posture Bar But I’m wondering if Blackie would prefer that we’d get the Bondage Opera Gloves

sex toy review contest

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Tuesday, August 17th, 2010

Will You Help A Pussy Out?

Looking For A Master, by narsul-the-elf.

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Monday, August 16th, 2010

On Why Man Invented Tools

At lunch with Marc, the conversation turns to a discussion about what separates Man from animals, which invariably brought up the topic of the invention of tools; this is what Marc had to say:

A woman has so many holes, and a man only one dick — yet he wants them all. Rather than feel overwhelmed or even defeated by the choices he must leave behind (if only for that instant), man invented tools to explore, exploit, claim. That’s when man truly had dominion, knew he had no limits, knew he could reach for the stars. Everything was within reach, was his for the claiming; he only had to grab whatever was around and use it, adapt it maybe, to get what he wanted.

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Thursday, July 15th, 2010

Busy At The Office

Which, for this girl, isn’t always what you think *wink*

(I go down, even when the elevator is going up!)

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