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Tuesday, April 29th, 2014

Have Pink Fucking Macine, Will Travel!

Isn’t this Love Botz Sex Machine in a pink Pandora’s Box super?! Clever and devious — and, of course, pink!

Use code PINKIESAYS and save $25. (Coupon is good on any order of $100 or more.)

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Saturday, November 16th, 2013

Half Time Entertainment

I love passing those 15 minutes by using Pinkie as entertainment. She sure finds it humiliating to be made to come in front of an audience so quickly — and then have to continue to serve us beer and snacks.

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Sunday, November 13th, 2011

The Punishment For A Typo

I found this photo of Jasmine Sinclair (along with others) in this post at S & M = Smoke & Mirrors and shuddered recalling the time I was to type up a report for Marc and made a typo…  It’s humiliating to have to stand while being forced to repeated orgasms — especially when you have an audience!

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Monday, September 19th, 2011

Protected: Blackie Answers The Emails: Forced Orgasms

With a little help from Pinkie, of course. He dictates, while she sits nude, upon her freshly spanked bottom with clamps on her nipples, typing…

Q: Blackie, why would you or any Master bother giving a slave orgasms, let alone forced multiple orgasms?

A: I suppose to some, orgasms are pure pleasure. They are the things you as a male must give a woman in order to get yours. Or at least orgasms are only reserved for good girls. But that sort of thinking is very limited.

Knowing how to manipulate and give — or, as I prefer to think of it — to take orgasms from a woman is a sign of your power over her. Like denying orgasms, forcing her to find pleasure when she refuses, forcing her to have so many that she’s exhausted and hurting, panting and drooling, barely able to speak or move, yet continues to come at your hand and command, that’s the power of God. Being her God. Her Lord & Master.

Women are capable of so much — multiple orgasms, of squirting, of being used over & over again — and yet most of them don’t even know what they can do! And if they do, they are embarrassed by it. (Added incentive, right?)

It takes time to know the particular individual body you are owning. But there’s great satisfaction in knowing that you are both her chastity belt and her pleasure — a pleasure that’s both physical and emotional, for she knows the humiliation that not only is resistance futile, but that her Master revels in his mastery and control of her.

It’s like anything else about dominating women, you have to teach them what they can do, what they should do, to stop thinking about limits — to forget about thinking all together. It’s not even about living in the moment, it’s about multiple, extended moments — incredibly long moments and perhaps different dimensions of existence. You can take an orgasm from her, take many of them from her in minutes — squirt too. Several times. And still keep her so sensitive that she washes in and out of orgasm, in and out of being… There are too many to count, and no point to it anyway. She’s lost to reason, but unable to be lost to sensing and feeling. As Master, you control that state, you can exploit that state. You can have her as you wish — wet, sloppy and waiting, or hard, tight and rocking — begging for it to stop, but unable to stop it, stop you or anyone else with access. You can have her screaming in pain, wounded, and still squirting, writhing on your dick, her cunt convulsing, betraying her…

There is real punishment for her and pleasure for you in taking orgasms from a woman — ask Marc, who loves taking them from the uppity bitch who otherwise wouldn’t give him the time of day!

After you sign in with your Member Master password, Blackie shares his knowledge of Pinkie, gives his tips on how to take or force Pinkie’s orgasms.

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Wednesday, May 18th, 2011

Master Me

I’m not just fuck meat; not just holes. I’m flesh, nerve-endings, bits and nubs to exploit for their primitive, basic, base reactions. I’m here to abuse as well as use.

Image via Smoke & Mirrors.

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Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011

Confessions, My Ass!

Continuing my commanded confessions

Triple toy action. One in my pussy with the Hitachi is more than enough, I say. But Marc wants to include my ass…

It’s not just that I don’t like my ass used, it’s the pragmatics of how forced orgasms and squirting work for me.

Even worse, double penetration in the ass — two fucking toys in the ass, one in the pussy. If the Hitachi was also on my clit, I think I’d actually die.

Images via Fucking Macines.

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Monday, October 18th, 2010

BDSM Trick Or Treat

Romance & Bondage is a blog by a female dominant, so it may seem strange for it to appear here, but I post it for two reasons.

One is that I am asked all the time if there really can be romance in BDSM; the answer is “Yes!” and while I’d like to think I’m proof, Romance and Bondage is some additional proof.

The second reason I mention the blog is because of a specific post, Dirty Old Wizard — two versions of a short story about forced female orgasm. I suspect a number of you will enjoy it. *wink*

It also has a Halloween them, so think of it as trick or treating!

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Saturday, August 14th, 2010

Orgasm Troubles

Some Q & A from your favorite piece of T & A; this time a round-up of Member Masters questions about orgasms…

When you’re under a No Orgasm Order and another Master insists you come, what do you do? …Is it the first order you obey, or what?

My number one order is to do as Blackie wishes and he says my purpose is to serve all my Masters, so I’m to satisfy both directives; obviously this is not possible…

Like many of my tasks which are (or at least seem) conflicting, I do my best and take my punishments for those things that I fail.

In the case of No Orgasms, if I please the one who gave me that order, I then take my punishment from the one who I failed to please by not having an orgasm; if I have the orgasm(s), I please that Master and take my deserved punishment from the one whose rule I’ve broken.

And then, in any case, I suffer Blackie’s punishment as well.

But aren’t you then choosing which Master to obey — at least by taking the punishment you fear less?

Honestly, I can try that, but there’s two things wrong with that theory…

One, Masters know (and Member Masters are given) the ways to manipulate and break me… Most of my regular Masters — at least those who care to have me orgasm — know how to take or force my orgasms against my will.

Two, any failure to please one Master means I have broken Blackie’s Golden Rule: to serve and please any Master to whom I have been given. The consequences for that are not pleasant. So even if I could try to choose the lesser of two evils, I’m outnumbered and outmatched on all fronts (and backs lol).

So, in all honesty, I’m simply living in the moment, trying to do the best I can — and dreading the outcomes for failure.

Does that mean an order not to orgasm will automatically be broken?

No, not at all!

I do try to do my best, including informing Blackie, all Member Masters, and any Masters I might be serving during that No Orgasm Order time frame. While individual Master motivations and desires differ, some prefer to respect one Masters rule. Also Blackie himself may choose to assist such an order by enforcing it at home and by limiting my service elsewhere — and some Masters who insist upon a No Orgasm Order will also compensate Blackie for ensure such orders are guaranteed.

…But even under the most strident supervised masturbation and monitored use, I am a greedy slut who seeks a release and can become so over-worked from all her use and play that I’ll suddenly, humiliatingly, find myself in the throes or orgasm. It’s happened from just breast play on numerous occasions. (However it happens, I can assure you that I am punished for my sluttiness!)

So it’s never a sure thing, and that’s why denied orgasms and No Orgasm Orders are so difficult and even painful.

What’s worse: Being ordered to have no orgasms or having forced orgasms?

The worst is disappointing a Master and, therefore by having disobeyed Blackie’s Golden Rule, disappointed him.

Personally speaking, however…

Both suck. But, in general, forced orgasms are the worst — unless the No Orgasm Order is longer than a week… Then it’s really dependent upon everything else I’ve been tasked to do during that time.

I’m not trying to be evasive; it’s all very subjective and situational.

I don’t understand how forced orgasms can be such a big deal — I’m not even sure there can really be such a thing! Who doesn’t want an orgasm?!

Orgasms are intensely personal things. To have one taken from you when you do not want to give it is an extremely violating and usually humiliating experience.

Plus most forced orgasm experiences are not simply a matter of taking or forcing one.  …The combination of multiple intense humiliating violating orgasms is exhausting on every level and even physically painful.

Truth be told the whole topic of how orgasms are taken, what happens when orgasms are denied — how orgasms have and are still used to condition and control me is very very complicated…

The details of that will likely have to be broken down into multiple posts in the future. Stay tunned, as they say *wink*

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Wednesday, July 28th, 2010

Tit Play & Forced Orgasm Video

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Sunday, May 16th, 2010

Protected: Marc Breaks Me In

I haven’t written much about my being given to Marc. But I can no longer hide; I’ve been ordered to confess…

I want, always, to please Blackie; so naturally I knew I’d submit to Marc because Blackie had ordered it.

At least I’d not physically resist. But I also secretly (or so I thought) had a weapon: my spirit.

I’d let Marc do whatever he wanted to me, yet I’d retreat… If not to sub space, than to that place of lofty scorn where nothing can touch you.

Yeah, Marc could use me all he wanted. But I wouldn’t react. I wouldn’t give him the satisfaction of my tears; I’d master my pain. I wouldn’t give him the satisfaction of my moans; I’d let my disdain distance me. Whatever he might elicit from me would merely be reflexive and boring.  Like a bully with a stoic victim, he’d tire of me and leave me be.

But I should have known better; I have no secrets from Blackie.

And he made sure I’d have no refuge.

Marc’s introduction to me was more than a bit of play, a test, or even an assault; it was indoctrination.

The morning that Marc arrived back at the house, I had been presented as gift, bound nude on the sofa awaiting him.  My arms were cuffed behind me, my legs bent at the knee and spread so that my pussy was fully exposed.

Marc strolled in, cocky and assured. I assumed the same stance in my mind; in spirit I was defiantly replaying how I’d rebuffed his advances when we first met. I didn’t dare roll my eyes for fear Blackie would see, but I held onto that image.

Marc stood over me, he pawed at my tits and told Blackie he was looking forward to getting to those later. Then he held out his hand, palm up like a doctor waiting to receive a scalpel from a nurse. Blackie slapped the Hitachi Magic Wand into Marc’s waiting hand. The switch was turned on and just like that Marc placed it onto my clit.

I hadn’t been prepared for such an attack! I tried to fight it mentally. I did everything I could to withstand it, using every trick I knew to deny an orgasm. But then Blackie’s breath was at my ear. “How’s it feel to have him take it, darling?” he whispered.  “How’s it feel to have this man you hate in charge of your body, of your most sacred offering?”

His taunts meant two things: one, my cover was blown and two, it was being used against me to violate my resistance.

I was panting and squirming trying to fight it off, but with my hiding place no longer a place to hide it was no use. As the first waves of orgasm hit me, I began to cry in frustration and humiliation.

Marc had won.

“I would say, ‘Take that, bitch,’ but it’s I who takes,” Marc gloated.

Orgasms are about as personal as it gets. Having them forced, taken from you, despite your will is the ultimate bodily betrayal. You blame yourself for not having the mental and emotional strength to prevent it, leaving you crushed, beaten — Mastered.

Forcing that orgasm was more than a confidence booster for an already cocky man, but a way to rip away any pretenses I had about who was in control. There was no place for me to hide. Any attempts would merely be exploited.

They could have left it there, but that would have been too easy, at least in their opinions.

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