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Me Cow? HuCow?

Researching my position as possible livestock for The Farmer leads me to the discovery of Human Cows or HuCows.

While it gives me bit of an idea about what to expect and how to behave, it seems much kinder than what The Farmer describes…

Of course, when I see what’s happened to Cassandra Calogera’s nipples after her big 36FFs were abused by “The Goat Milker,” I’m even less thrilled by what The Farmer has already said about being his livestock.

The Goat Milker is real goat milker with 1/16 horsepower providing 30in Mercury in max suction — modified for pulsating, sensual, nipple stimulation. From the looks of it, I’m not sure “sensual” is the right word.

I wonder if The Farmer has a milking machine like that?

Also, The Farmer said he would force me to lactate… Is that even possible without being pregnant? More research I guess…

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